Wow, he's so much handsomer than she is pretty. Maybe he has low self-esteem. Or married her because she has family money and knew he was going nowhere. Bet my wife is jealous. The fucking guy has some head of hair. It's not fair - my hair starting to thin in my twenties. Haven't had one good hair day since 1987. Dude's taller than me, too - a good 4 or 5 inches. But he works in human resources. How pathetic. So I make more money than he does. A hollow victory, but a victory nonetheless. Wonder if he has a bigger cock. My fucking wife can't take her eyes off the cock sucker. She's such a little whore. But then who isn't. It's all about looks, isn't it? Always has been, always will be. Beauty is only skin deep, my ass. I like the hostess, with her tight little butt. My wife hasn't had an ass like that since she was 12 years old. Fucking hostess - bringing in a chef to cook an authentic Basque meal, and us having to squeal with delight when the food tastes like shit and she's propping up her ego by showing us all what a big deal it is that her hulking, elephant-earred husband, whom I'm sure she can't stand fucking, has just made partner. I could puke.


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