Although you at times may feel that the world is peopled with millions of handsome, romantic men from whom women can take their pick, the fact is that women have all sorts of terrible trouble with terrible men. They don't call back. They borrow money and disappear. They're bisexual. They drink and take heroin. They sleep with a girl's best friend or roommate. They can't hold a job. They smoke, they're dirty, they're abusive and battering. If you don't believe me, read the papers.

You may not realize it, but just being a regular, employed Joe without a police record, a wife, or a substance abuse problem probably puts you among the top 20% of all eligible, desirable men in the country. Now when you add to this the fact that you shower everyday, have never been institutionalized, don't take anti-depressants and aren't seriously ill, you're looking better and better.

And so by declaring very openly and clearly that you're willing to be a trusted, respectable, loyal and safe friend for a woman may, ten days or two months from now have, after she's been stood up by some creep, great appeal to her. She'll remember you're dignified persistence, your classy manner, your manly stature and way of behaving. And you may be astonished at how this woman who so clearly told you she wanted to have nothing to do with you all of a sudden wants to be your friend.

Let me add, by the way, that even after the phone call in which you agreed to stop phoning her, you can occasionally get in touch with her by sending her a book you think she'll like, or a poster or card. Include a little note to the effect that you still think of her from time to time and hope all is well with her. If something good has happened in your life, you can mention that, too. "Things are going well with me. I've just been made a Vice-President here at the firm."

The Ironman is persistent. He doesn't get rattled by a rejection, or even a dozen of them. He knows that he's of great value and that sooner or later the woman he desires will recognize it, even if it takes her awhile. Reflecting his deep inner confidence, he stays in touch. Life turns...and he knows that before very long it often turns his way.

Make no mistake, becoming an Ironman isn't something you will accomplish overnight. Chances are you won't get there in a year, or five, perhaps even ten. But if you follow the plan in this book you will get there for sure. And your relations with women will improve steadily along the way.

Furthermore, your confidence and self-esteem will grow mightily, and your ability to control and dominate almost any situation will burgeon. Business, sports, relating to men as well as women — your Ironman behavior will suit you in all aspects of your life.

Always remember, the world responds to strong men.

I wish you great success.


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