It's not always easy to be an Ironman. As we have just discussed at great length, men who are strong, quiet, brave, tough, and consistent in their relations with women dominate women.

As simple as this premise is, however, it is difficult to execute. It is not easy for most men to be brave, tough, strong, quiet, and consistent in their relations with women.

This is true in many aspects of our life. We know what to do intellectually. But actually going ahead and doing it can be daunting. We get lazy, or frightened, or confused. We lose our will and our way.

Everyone knows that if you stand up to a bully he invariably becomes putty in your hands. But how easy is it to stand up to a bully? Not very.

I had a high school football coach who taught me that it was far more effective and less painful to tackle a man by lowering your shoulder and driving it as hard and as fast as you could into his thighs than it was to throw yourself onto his back. But how many of us have the courage to run full-steam ahead into a pair of powerfully churning thighs? Not many.

In short, it's easy to understand the premise of the Ironman, but it's not so easy to become one.

And so I've written The Ironman with the hope that, one, it will inspire you; two, show you that despite the absurd sexual politics of our time that most great women still prefer to be dominated; and, three, to provide you with an actionable roadmap so that the journey to becoming an Ironman is not some insurmountable, amorphous undertaking, but rather a trip with crisp, clear directions that, if not easy to follow, are at least easy to understand and doable -- eminently doable.

Stay tuned for more on being an Ironman- why women are ultimately drawn to safe, dependable men, and what it takes to become be outstanding.


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