We all of us tend to obsess about ourselves and our predicaments and our ambitions. It is human nature. 'When on earth am I going to get that raise?' T hope this cough isn't anything more serious.' 'How come Danny got promoted and I didn't?' T wonder if that new receptionist is going with anybody.'

There is a tendency for some of us to obsess so deeply we become consumed by it. We don't pay attention to the news. We can't concentrate enough to read a book. We don't even get out to the movies or a concert.

This is not the way of the Ironman. Iron, to me anyway, signifies strength. The strength to stand up to our predilection to obsess, to be only interested in ourselves. The strength to get beyond ourselves and to participate fully in the world around us.

An Ironman cares about the environment. He recycles and treads lightly on the earth. He cares about others and so gets involved in volunteer work, in charities, in alumnae associations.

An Ironman is a Big Brother, or coaches Little League, or works with inner city kids in sports leagues or reading programs. One, because he is a member of this planet and the human species and, thus, is committed to its overall well-being. And, two, because he knows it makes him infinitely more interesting and appealing to others. They appreciate and are drawn to his high standard of behavior, his strength not only to find time to take care of himself, but to take an interest in the world and people around him. The Ironman is an admirable man.


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