If you read the daily newspapers, I don't have to tell you that women suffer a great deal of physical abuse at the hands of men. Rape. Marital abuse. Date rape. Black eyes. Beatings, etc. Yes, there is the occasional article on women who strike back, but the fact is by far the vast majority of physical violence between the sexes is perpetrated by men on women.

I'm not an anthropologist, but I suspect a lot of it stems from our original caveman behavior...it's in our DNA. Men were the hunter/providers, bigger, stronger, more lethal, far better equipped to kill lions, bears, and, of course, other humans. Thus, when a man and woman are angry with each other...and find themselves reverting back to the behavior they were used to in a more primitive time...a man becomes infinitely more dangerous.

The Ironman has come a long way from his progenitors. He understands deeply that women carry around, at least in the back of their minds, a physical fear of men, a suspiciousness, a wariness. And so he makes sure that nothing in his behavior triggers or in any way arouses that fear. He quickly establishes that when it comes to physical violence, there is absolutely nothing to fear from him. A woman knows in her bones an Ironman would never hit her, never hurt her, never intimidate her with his size or his strength.

I mention this as urgently as I can for I want you to know that if you, in the past, have shown any sort of predilection for being violent or physical with a woman, if you've ever hit a woman or threatened her, if you've ever forced a woman to have sex with you, then you and I are not on the same wave-length. I will not countenance physical or verbal violence from any of my readers. There is simply no excuse for it.

If you want to read my books and follow my advice, then you must immediately and permanently give up any notion of physically overpowering women. You must not hit them. You must not force them to have sex with you. You must not frighten or intimidate or pester them. You must be sensitive to their fears...and make them feel as deeply as you can that you would never ever hit or abuse them in any way.

If you cannot subscribe to the above then I suggest you close this book, mail it back to me for a refund, and get yourself in the hands of a professional counselor who deals with men who are abusive to women. I want to have nothing more to do with you. There is simply no place for physical violence or intimidation in the relationship between men and women.

Let me also say from a very practical aspect that if a woman knows she can trust you never to overpower or hurt her physically then she is more likely to trust you. And if she is more likely to trust you then she is also more likely to take the time to get to know you and become attracted to you. Your very non-violent aura will make you more appealing to women.


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