You've probably discovered by now that much of this book is devoted to showing you how to make yourself appear like a winner to the opposite sex — a successful, dignified man with a wide range of interests, a fine circle of friends, a good career that you are talented at and take pleasure in, and, last but not least, that you are someone whom women find desirable and a great pleasure to be with.

Then why, you might be wondering do I advise that you keep your conquests with the opposite sex to yourself. Simply because it is bragging and bragging is a sign of weakness rather than strength. It is transparent. If you tell a woman you're interested in that you are dating other women, she'll think to herself, 'What the hell is he telling me this for? Is he bragging? Trying to hurt me? Trying to make me jealous?'

If she's smart, she'll see right through you. And she'll think the lesser of you for it. She'll see it as a sign of insecurity. On the other hand, if you never mention another woman, never let casually slip how much you disliked a certain concert that a certain woman friend of yours dragged you to last week (and, believe me, I know the art of casually mentioning other women), you will continue to heighten the curiosity your date has about you.


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