First of all, you'll seem different. Very few men have the confidence not to bring up other women. Second, she'll wonder what on earth you're doing with all those hours you're not spending with her. What she imagines about your exploits will be far richer than anything you could supply, for it's a fact of human nature that we're much more intrigued with what we don't know than what we know for sure.

If you really are seeing other women, don't worry. She'll sense it. Women have great intuition about these things. Also, people will tell her. T saw Jim out with a great-looking blonde at the movies last week.' Or, T hope you know Jim is dating at least two other girls.'

Furthermore, aside from all the mystery and stuff, aside from making you seem different, aside from provoking her curiosity about what the hell you're doing with your spare time, you'll gain her trust and respect. She'll see that you're not purposely trying to hurt her with tales of other women. She'll realize you're trustworthy, a gentleman, someone who will have the decency not to invoke her name when you're out with someone else.

She'll understand that you're a man of character. And if you're truly interested in this woman, think of her as someone you might want to spend the rest of your life with, then this perhaps more than anything will help to win her. For she will realize she can trust you.

She will understand you live by a code...and your code is one of decency.


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