My oldest daughter is a beautiful, funny, charming kid who loves to perform. When she gets a little positive feedback, she pulls out all stops. 'Jess,' I tell her, 'leave 'em wanting more, not less.' She likes when I tell her that. Although she's not always capable of following my advice, she sees the wisdom in it. She's making progress.

I want you to make progress, too. Leave women wanting more of you, not less. Give 'em a little of your brilliance, your charm, then get the hell out. Leave an hour earlier than you would normally, even if you're having the time of your life. You'll surprise the girl. You'll make her curious about you. 'We've just made love,' she'll think, 'and now I'd like to snuggle up against him all night and he's got to go home. What the hell does he have to do there that's more important than me?'

You'll also discover a surprising side benefit of a more restrained approach to starting and maintaining a relationship. You will have a better time. You will enjoy the relationship more. The girl in turn will remain more interesting and fascinating to you. Furthermore, you will feel proud of yourself, proud of your control, proud of your power to be self-constructive rather than self-destructive.

You will enjoy being the leader in this relationship, not the follower. And you will find that the more you follow this cool, measured line of relating to women, the easier it becomes to maintain, the more a natural part it will become of your personality.


At 1:25 AM, Anonymous steve jensen said...

Hmmmm I don't know Eric. If your driving off the tee it doesn't help not following through on the swing. Why not snuggle after since you have gotten that far and seal a return visit. Unless of course all you want is a one nighter. The only thing she'll be curious about if you leave is if you're married and had to go home. But romance in the morning and then a liesurely breakfast at a cafe....whoa. The only draw back is aptly put by Kenny Chesney; " I went to bed at two with a ten and woke at ten with a two". Then you wished you shoulda left sooner.


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