Perhaps, as you're reading these pages, you're developing a sense of a harsh, spartan landscape sparsely peopled only by sinewy silent men, much like those who appear in Clint Eastwood movies.
Not true.

For example, the Ironman has women in his life. Not lots and lots of them at one time. He's neither a gossip nor a dress designer. But not too few, either. The Ironman enjoys the company of women and has several good women friends he's known and kept contact with for a long time.

These are not women he feels strong sexual or romantic impulses toward, but they may in some cases be an old (former) girlfriend. Someone he knew back in college or the Army and who now happens to live in the same city as he.

The Ironman has women friends for several reasons.

First, because it's just plain fun. An intelligent woman can be so much more interesting than a man because she's so much more likely to open up and talk about what's really on her mind. (She's not the least bit interested in becoming an Ironman.)

A woman can be an excellent confidant, and let's face it, the road to becoming an Ironman — not to mention the life of an Ironman — will have its moments of isolation. No more whining or gossiping or backbiting or spilling your guts. Throwing yourself into your job, getting your place, your car, your body and your life into shape — this is a tall order.

A man's going to need his moments of opening up, of sharing frustrations, of taking time out — and there's no better confidant than a mature, honorable woman who is your tried and trusted friend. Someone you feel comfortable with. Someone with whom you can let your guard down.

You will instinctively feel less competitive with a woman; and, chances are, you'll feel less guarded than if you were with a male friend.


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