The Ironman is also cognizant of other people's feelings, particularly the women in his life. He is a gentleman and a moralist. And so he would never force himself upon a woman in an unprotected state because he would sense how terrifying it could be to her, how insensitive. He would also understand that even if in the heat, the passion of the moment, that she was throwing caution to the wind, she will come to respect, trust and even love him more were he to demonstrate the self-control that she had momentarily lacked. 'This is a man I can trust', she would realize. 'This is a man who is good
for me.'

I understand that there is a certain glamor associated with a certain kind of man who may drink too much, party too often, drive too fast, smoke, brawl, ride a motorcyle without a helmet. I do not deny that this type often has appeal to women. Certainly men like this are glamorized in movies. In real life, however, they tend to get into lethal highway accidents, get fired from their jobs, left by their girlfriends and wives, die earlier deaths, and, ultimately, attract only scruffy, strange, masochistic women.

The Ironman feels confident, proud, and intelligent practicing safe
sex because it makes him feel he's doing everything in his power to make sure he and his partners are going to be around a long, long time.

The Ironman knows life is short even when one lives a very long time.


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