There are a couple of other things the Ironman knows about women:
The Ironman knows a woman is far more interested in her own appearance than his. That's her role. It is biological. A woman uses her looks to attract a man so that he will want to sleep with her and impregnate her. This is what preserves the species which, according to Darwin, is the drive of all species.

The human female has a very limited, finite time during which she can conceive. She has a finite number of eggs. Thus, there is something a bit urgent about her desire to attract males. Her looks, truly, are her stock and trade.

The Ironman uses this knowledge to his advantage. It is why he is never defensive about his own looks. In the relationship between the sexes it is not
what he is selling. He simply gets in shape, keeps crisp and clean, dresses
neatly and simply, and puts any concern about his appearance behind him. While women attempt to lure him with their physical charms, he realizes what attracts them to him is his strength, his consistency, his loyalty, his ability to earn a living, and his bearing, which lets a woman know that he thinks highly
of himself.

The Ironman understands that his very maleness alone makes him a prized catch. And the women in his life know just by being around him that although he can be nice and solicitous, there is a very clear line which he will not cross in his pursuit of them. They can feel it in their bones. (More about this later.)

Finally, the Ironman understands that a male and a female are different sexually. A man is capable of impregnating a woman from the time he reaches puberty to his death. He generates trillions of spermatazoa. He could literally populate the galaxy. Because nature adores an excess of offspring to better the chances of preserving the species, it has programmed a man to become sexually aroused easily and quickly.

The human female on the other hand, because there are limited times during which she can conceive, is not usually aroused as easily or as frequently. Once again, the Ironman uses this knowledge to his advantage. He knows that it is his role to be the seducer, to make the first move, to initiate sex. And so he understands that there is absolutely nothing wrong, as he heads out on a date, to find himself thinking very consciously about how he is going to get this woman into bed. It is his role, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact
the true Ironman relishes the game and has become quite expert at knowing how to seduce a woman who on the surface seems icy and disinterested. The Ironman knows that just below the surface may be lurking a luscious and passionate woman.

Stay tuned for more on why men must be aggressive!


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