Just because the Ironman is strong of body, somewhat reserved, a bit on the quiet side, doesn't mean that under this calm, cool exterior there isn't a brain that's not shrewd and observant. The Ironman watches what is going on. He learns from experience. He has worked hard to understand women — as far as anyone can understand women — for he realizes how critical this knowledge is to his keeping the upper hand in the continuing battle for domination.

Make no mistake, the Ironman wants to dominate. He's heard all the marvelous arguments about the joys of giving in, of ceding control, of letting somebody else worry about steering the ship. The Ironman knows that's fancy thinking. The drive to dominate is in his genes. If second place is so great, then why don't we celebrate the Super Bowl loser? How come everyone wants to immigrate to the United States instead of, let's say, Spain or Greece?

If someone else is in charge of our destiny, our feelings, whether we're happy or unhappy, why does it feel so bad? Why do we work so hard to escape, to get in control? No, the Ironman loves the feeling of being in control, thank you very much, and so he does everything he can to stay there.

Fundamental to this is his profound understanding that most sane and healthy women really don't want to be in control. Just as an Ironman feels nervous, as if life isn't really working the way it's supposed to, when he's not in control, most women feel nervous, that life isn't really working the way it's supposed to, when they find themselves in control in a relationship with a man. This may be the most important piece of information contained in this blog.

Check back soon for more understanding women and being in charge.


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