One little caution. I am in no way suggesting you attempt to buy a woman's love. Do not lavish inappropriately expensive gifts on her. Do not take her to places you cannot afford. Be very, very careful if she starts asking you to buy her things or pay for her rent. There are some, not many, but they do exist, really sick women out there who like to see how much they can take a man for. Avoid these like the plague. How can you spot one?

You're at a shopping mall together and she happens to spot a dress she's got to have and for some reason doesn't have her Visa card on her and wants to borrow yours. Or her rent or telephone bill is due and she's a little short this month. Could she borrow from you?

Each situation has to be evaluated on its own merit, or course. But if you run into anything like the two situations described above, be on guard. If it happens twice, forget her.

I do not want you under any circumstances, however, to use your dread of being 'taken' by a woman to keep you from being generous. An Ironman works hard to have money to enjoy life. He enjoys his life fully and when he invites a woman into it, it is not that he is suddenly stepping up his standard of living to impress her but, rather, continuing to live as he always lives ~ well. Comfortably. The way he wants to.


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