I certainly don't want to try to dictate the way you dress, what you drive, how you comb your hair. But I'd be lying if I didn't set forth my preferences in these areas.

The Ironman generally does not try to call attention to himself through the flamboyance, gaudiness, or opulence of his possessions. He doesn't brag with words, and so quite naturally he doesn't brag through his "things". He drives a simple clean car, like a Jeep (even if he can afford a Rolls Royce), he wears a simple, clean hairstyle (and never tries to disguise his baldness), and he dresses crisply and cleanly in khaki, denim, cotton and wool.

When he has to dress up, he leans toward blue suits and white button down shirts. He avoids overwrought haute couture, European suits, alligator shoes, and instead chooses basic American clothing. He shops at the Gap, J. Crew, L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer's and Brooks Brothers.

Yes, you may feel an overwhelming desire to show people how rich you've become by wearing lots of gold jewelry, Armani suits, snakeskin cowboy boots. But don't. If indeed you're a man of great wealth and accomplishment, women will come to sense it about you.

You won't have to say a thing. And it'll have that much more appeal because you haven't been pushing it in everyone's face.


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