* Saw Leonard Cohen at Madison Square Garden Friday night -- best single concert I have ever seen in my life. And I've seen the best: The Stones numerous times, Joan Baez, Dylan all over the world, Ray Charles tearing down the place at the Newport Jazz Festival. No boring down moments with Lenny. Man's 75 year old voice better than it's ever been. Spectacular side musicians, beautiful girl singers, Cohen a powerful, charismatic, deeply moving singer. Must see -- very few tour dates left. Worth flying to Cleveland or Ashville or Vegas to catch the remaining shows.

* The video I conceived and directed for my son's band and song, both called GIRL PROBLEMS, won a big award at a gay and lesbian video festival. Time to check it out at

*If you're worried about losing your job in this relentlessly "stuck" economy, please send away to amazon for my new book, The Indispensable Emloyee: Recesssion-Proof Your Job. I've written 30 books on how to better your life. Except for How To Pick Up Girls, this is the best

*I have a new film just now going into distribution: A Jersey Christmas. It presents a vision of Christmas in a post-modern America, where a large percentage of the population -- made up of Jews, Moslems, Hindus, atheists, budhists, et. al. -- don't celebrate Christmas. The film is set in a Christmas Store, one of those places that pop up overnight in a blue collar neighborhood, and disappear sometime in early January. The boss, a cruel and compulsive gambler, gets informed by the mob that if he doesn't scratch together $45,000 my midnight, Christmas Eve, they're going to come back and break his legs. Needing every last penny, he forces his staff to keep the store open till after midnight. There is open revolt among the Christian kids, who have all made Christmas Eve plans. So the non-Christians tell them to get lost -- they don't need 'em, they can handle the store on their own tonight. The film is a comedy about all the wonderful slackerness, sex, crime, sacrilege, and fighting that goes on among the staff and customers on this most holy of evenings. I think you're going to love it.


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