Did It Work On My Wife??

When last we communicated, I told you I was heading off to my bedroom to seduce my wife using Lynn Freed's techniques: going to tell her she fills me with overwhelming lust. I'm a biker who just happened to be riding by and I simply had to have her. So, how did it turn out. Well I tiptoed into the room, fearful of waking her up. I knew she had her alarm set for 8 to get up and work out with her trainer, and it was now only 7:15. She positively loathes being robbed of sleep she fully expects to get. It's like taking money or jewelry from her. So I stood looking at her in bed, sort of paralyzed, not quite sure what to do. She was lying on her back and her nightie had ridden about half way up her thighs -- very tempting.

And then I had an inspiration. Normally, I approach my wife from the right side of the bed, my side. She sleeps on her back on the left side. I decided to shake things up. Though there was almost no room to the left of her, I, nevertheless, climbed in on her side and lay down straight on top of her. My instinct is that I would seem more like a stranger coming in from this little used side. It worked. She embraced me, didn't resist, or whine, or push me a way at all. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. "I'm the bellhop, Miss," I said. "I brought breakfast from room service, but when I saw you lying there I just had to get in with you. You are the most sexual woman I have ever seen. I have to have you."

I'm not going to go into the most intimate details -- Christ, if my wife reads this even the way it is now I could go 6 months without getting laid. But I just want you to know how it unfolded...and that I believe Lynn's strategy for seducing women is a good one. Later that day without any prompting from me, my wife allowed how it was somehow very sexy that I got in on her side of the bed. So give it a shot. Let me know how you do.

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