best idea ever for turning women on

I recently spent two weeks at a famous writers' workshop run by Middlebury College called Breadloaf. The writer who led my particular workshop is Lynn Freed, a fascinating woman in her mid-60s, a South African Jew who grew un in Durban and now lives in Sonoma, Calif.

We talked a lot about our favorite subject: the difference between how men and women feel about sex. She gave me some fascinating insights. Lynn says the thing that turns a woman on most is when a man is WILD about her. She loves the idea of his being crazy with lust for her. So if you've been hiding your lust, worrying you have to go slow, sneak up on a woman -- and it's not working -- maybe you want to try being honest. "I have to see you naked. The sight of your body, your breasts, your ass, turn me on like I've never been turned on in my life before. The thought of having sex with you gives me the biggest hard on I've ever had." I love the concept and since it's 5:40 a.m., E.D.T,, I am going, with some trepidation, back to my bedroom to wake up my deeply asleep wife and tell her that just thinking of her body as I was sitting at my MacBook writing my blog has filled me with lust to the point that i've had to come in and wake her up. I'll let you how this dangerous mission turns out.

2 other quick points from Lynn: 1) women often love to travel way more than men and the reason is that at least on an unconscious level they associate it with erotica, with having sex with exotic men, getting away from their predictable old husband and doing a Corsican on the beach of his faraway island.

And that relates to point 2. Women marry, fuck, and have children with appropriate men -- accountants, engineers, dentists. And while they're doing it, they're thinking about "inappropriate" -- men, bikers, hit men, brawlers, vagabonds, gypsies, rastafarians. So if your lady is resisting your advances one night, paint her a fantasy: it ain't you she's about to screw but a dirty, bearded pirate from the South Seas. If you paint a vivid enough picture, you just might get laid.

Okay, heading back to my bedroom. wish me luck. e.


At 12:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually learn to write at workshops? Is that were you go to learn to write like everyone else? Team Xerox. Or are workshops just for those who want to make a few bucks off of schmucks wanting to be writers? I'm sure it's not the latter.


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