Alright, how many reasonably realistic names can you make out of diseases?

NEW ENTRIES FROM READERS: Lara Engitis; Lou Gehrigsdisease;

Amy Otrophic-sclerosis; Ginger Vitus; Basil Cell; Al Zheimers;

Ann Hedonia; Al O. Pecia; Peri Carditis; Klaus Trophobia;

Ed Ema; Rosie Ola;


Paul Zee; Di Abetes; Ann Gina; Ann Eemia; Lou Pus;

Lew Keemia; Anna Rexia; Beau Lemia; Sy Kosis; Colin Cancer; Mel Anoma;

Em Fazima; Paul Aigra; Clem Idia; Hy Poglocemia; N. Demitriosis;

Chick N. Pox; Arthur Itis; Perry Tonitis; Pan Creatitis

Mack Uladegneration; I. Ritis; Rick Etts;

Ray Naudsyndrome; Rue Maticfever; Scarlet Fever; Hy Drocephalia;

Sy Attica; D. Lirium Tremens; Sy Nusitis; Paul Io; Di Aria;

--- Anyone out there who comes up with more names than on my list wins one hundred bucks, even if you're an m.d. good luck,e


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