i will have yet another episode of atrial fibrillation, only this one will kill me, my wife will get home from her golf game and find me lying dead on the kitchen floor

it won't be two months before my wife is fucking another man, this one with a much stouter cock than i, a wide, hard, canal stretching cock, which will apply much greater pressure upon her clitoris and trigger orgasms of such splendor and intensity she will soon forget she was ever married to me....or if she remembers, i will be just sort of a mild recollection of no more consequence than a former neighbor whom she never really had much use for

her new husband will somehow talk her into anal intercourse, something she denied me very early on in our marriage, and she will discover, miracle of miracles, that not only is it not of repugnance, but it's an actual delight, something she now initiates at every opportunity -- i can picture her snuggling her ass against his sleeping frame at 3 a.m., till she wakes him and actually demands that he give it to her up the ass -- ah, what a turn of events

my four children, who at least pretend to love me, will react to their new step-father, not with icy reserve, but will soon embrace him with an avid enthusiasm, for he will undoubtedly have not only far more money than I -- Joanna is constitutionally wired to find only rich men attractive -- but he will have an easy-going, uncritical manner, much easier to stomach than my fish-eyed critical nature which only eases when my kids do something terrific, and returns with a vengeance when they're needy and pathetic

(More bad thoughts on the way, for they come in bushels, saboutaging my good days and brief moments of repose and carefree-ness)


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