My golf game, which i work on day and night, is actually getting worse

i can't hit a simple nine iron to the green -- am i ill? do i have a brain tumor that is throwing off my balance, my aim?

when i take out my cock to piss on the desert golf course, will the blazing sun give me skin cancer of the dick. will an animal suddenly bite it off. will i turn and inadvertently get a cactus spine in it. will a woman foursome on the next fairway spot my dick and laugh uproariously at its pitiable size when compared to those of their big beefy midwestern bozo husbands.

climbing naked out of the spa this evening, my wife's ass called back the child's book the saggy baggy elephant -- will this image spring to mind next time i try to fuck her -- and what deleterious effect will it have

my friend has just been diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma -- i kissed her hello tonight -- will i get it too -- i have a funny lump on my arm that is not going away

i am up typing here at 5:14 in the a.m. because a disturbing dream -- the department that worked for me now 15 years ago accused me of dumping pounds of extra work on them because they were My group -- didn't i see the pattern? by dumping on them i was dumping on myself -- i responded, yes, well i'm a very self-hating guy -- there are so many wrong things about this dream i don't want to even think about it.

(alright, let's have a few of your bad thoughts -- or are you too fucking guarded and unimaginative, do you think you're a wus to do so? Chicken.)


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