look, this idea is only half-baked, but i feel it's original and important enough to get down right away, and maybe i haven't thought it through as clearly as i should, but too bad, here goes nothing. i was watching the movie FRIENDS WITH MONEY last night and it hit me like a shitstorm: the people in hollywood are the nation's "in" clique -- just like the popular kids in high school. oh, sure, they talk behind each other's backs, tell rumors, spread lies, just like the "in" group in high school, but try and bust in and they'll expel you like a body rejecting a foreign organ.

And we, the nation as a whole, why we're consumed with the hollywood clique -- aniston, roberts, the wilson brothers, spielberg, paltrow, gibson -- we can't learn enough about 'em...we gobble up people, us, the star, national enquirer, watch access hollywood and all that other crap to lap up every scrap the media feeds us -- all 'cause we want to get close to the hollywood elite, just like we wanted to get close to the popular kids in high school.

Now i know what you're thinking is coming next -- a broadside attack on hollywood stars, pointing out how shallow, pompous, and narcissistic they are. well, fuck no, they've got something -- charisma, looks, power, i can't figure it out. but the fact is, they're in an enviable position -- they've got money, fame, looks, sex, great places to live, cars to drive -- i wish to hell i was in their crowd, just like i wished i was in with the popular kids in high school. yeah, it's true, life sucks and it never changes. that's the way it is, pal, so get used to it and stop the awful rationalizing -- yeah, but are those hollywood stars really happy? Damn right they are, buddy, a fuck of a lot happier than you are.


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