Alright, somebody's got to come out and say it, and since the politicians are too chicken to do it, I suppose it's got to be me -- E-man, biggest loser of all. Dig: The terrorists are not a giant, powerful nation with whom we're at war. No, world-wide they are probably no more than 250,000 disaffected, disorganized young men -- losers who hate everyone and everything around them because they feel inadequate, on the outside looking in, unable to buy a BMW, or get a hot girl, or land a slot in med school, or get a job with an investment banking firm.

So they're taking their feelings of anger and resentment a little too far. Placing bombs on subways, in discotheques, on airplanes. Not nice. 52 people dead here, 258 there, a whopping 2,750 or so in the World Trade Center. Terrible. Frightening. Scaring the shit out of everybody. But let's face it, it's not like bombing the city you live in, or nuking your village, or slaughtering hundreds of thousands with machetes, as happened in Rwanda.

No, these fundamentalist Middle Eastern nutjobs are a bona fide major nuisance to civilized people everywhere, but they are not a threat that you want to mobilize the entire armed forces of your nation against. You want to fight them with spies, special forces, Interpol, the CIA, Scotland Yard, the Massad. You want to infiltrate their cells, tap their phones, hack into their computers, seize their sources of money.

But you have to stop scaring the shit out of the entire nation with code orange or magenta or neon pink. And making people believe that there's a terrorist behind every curtain. I mean, come on, if you live in Milwaukee, or Baton Rouge, or Provo, or Sun Valley, do you really think you're going to be over run by terrorists?

All these monkeys on Capital Hill raising the spectre of big bad terrorists threatening our very existence 24/7 -- it's just a crock of shit. Man, I know losers, and these terrorists are nothing but. All this paranoid attention is making them look and feel like winners -- and nothing could be further from the truth. Route them out through infiltration....and stop giving them so fucking much publicity. Take it from E-man...they'll disappear like pet rocks and chia bears.


At 4:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Milwaukee, Baton Rouge, etc. would not be "over-run by terrorists", as you state.
All it takes is for ONE to leave an explosives-filled Ryder truck outside a supermarket, or a shopping mall, and "KA-BOOM."

Or how about a dirty bomb ?

No, Sir, it doesn't require being "over-run" by these merely takes one.

It's clear that you miss that point.

Plus, these people believe in a wacked-out theology which they believe will reward them for murdering people whose sole "crime" is that they're not Muslims.

When we fought the Nazis, the Japanese, etc., those soldiers did not seek to end their own lives. (the exception being a few Japanese kamakaze pilots)

When fighting a Communist enemy, theoretically, they don't even believe in life after death---to them, there's only this physical life on earth, and they don't want it to end.

These terrorists are a different beast---they believe in a culture of death for the physical realm, and an eternal reward for achieving such.


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