The Loser’s House

You’re married to a man who tends to get fired every few years, so, of course, paying the mortgage is always a struggle. Your roof is leaking, paint chipping, linoleum peeling, shingles rotting.

The couple across the street, on the other hand, have just doubled the size of their kitchen, putting in a professional 6-burner Garland stove.

You oohed and ahhed over their 18 foot cathedral ceiling as if you couldn’t have been happier for them.

Is that how you really feel? Or are you green with envy because you realize that at 46 years of age, things aren’t magically going to get any better for you and old what’s his face?

Big mistake, ma’am. We can’t all have the dream house we want, but we sure don’t have to pretend to be happy for those who do. I say, A pox on their house.

Look at me – my wife threw me out of the lovely house we lived in and married the architect who designed it. They’ve got a state of the art kitchen that Bobby Flay would be proud to cook in. I’ve got a greasy little kitchenette with a broken refrigerator and an oven that doesn’t work.

Want to commiserate?


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