Are You A Loser At Work?

1) Do you complain about all the brown-nosing at work, then in the presence of your boss offer to walk her dog, pick up her dry cleaning, baby sit her kid?

2) Vow to get in early, then hit the snooze button at least half a dozen times before dragging your ass out of bed?

3) Declare to your roommate that you’re going to demand a raise, then the instant your boss looks up from her desk, ask: “Want a latte?” -- which has set you back $240 since January.

4) Worry that the innocent flirtation you started with the Ukrainian mail boy is starting to spiral helplessly out of control?

5) Despite your New Year’s resolution to me more productive, spend up to six hours of every workday in a chat room on Desperate Housewives?

6) Freeze up in client meetings, presenting your work in a rigid monotone for fear that you will suddenly break into uncontrollable laughter?

7) Tell yourself that if only the good-looking accountant on 3, or the designer up on 12, or the guy in legal, or the computer guy, or even the Ukrainian mail boy would ask you to marry that you would be better able to concentrate on your job?

Honey, sweetie, baby, Ms., please cut the crap. A man isn’t going to rescue you. In fact, they usually just make things worse. Maybe I can help.


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